SET v.15: extended abstracts

solo exhibition


SET v.15: extended abstracts, 2019

Medium: Painting on wall, printed materials in frames
Dimension: Dimensions variable
Commision: Civilization

Exhibition title: SET v.15: extended abstracts
Venue: Non-Breaking Space, Seattle, US
Period: 2019.02.07—2019.04.09

/ Non-Breaking Space
/ SET series

The ongoing series titled SET, first shown as a solo exhibition in New York in 2015. In SET a collection of past works dating from 2006 to 2015 were presented. The book with the eponymous title functions as a catalog and an exhibition plan. In the SET series, the contents of the catalog are installed in the exhibition space, where either past commissions or studio works are collectively shown regardless of their production year, medium, or context. They are imbued with a new order based on visual elements from each component.

The installment of SET v.15: Extended Abstracts in Non-breaking Space is a showcase of selective original works. The general process of SET has been an abstraction of collective works, but in this version the wall painting was presented with original works in the space. These painted shapes are abstract captions of selected printed materials, aside from text caption.