ÅLAND Brooklyn Exhibition



ÅLAND Brooklyn Exhibition, 2018

Medium: Digital print vinyl on wall, display units, printed materials, merchandises
Dimension: Dimensions variable
Commision: ÅLAND
Collaborator: Meanyoung Yang (project manager), Jeonsan System (space design), EH, Olympia Shannon (photography), Siniz Kim (installation view)

Exhibition title: ÅLAND Brooklyn
Venue: Gallery Factory, Seoul, KR
Period: 2018.12.05—2018.12.21

/ Gallery Factory, ÅLAND Brooklyn

An exhibition on the showcase of ÅLAND Brooklyn making-process. The final space images documented by Olympia Shannon were presented as a wall graphic, with before/after opening process images taken by EH framed on the wall. The original display furniture units were installed in the gallery room together with the archive materials of the design. Limited editions of ÅLAND X Na Kim product line was a part of the show.