The W Show



The W Show: A List of Graphic Designers, 2017

Commision: Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)
Collaborator: Sulki Choi, Chae Lee, Minhwa Yun (curators), Haeok Shin (curatorial participant), Lynn Kim, Yunjung Lee, Hyunsong Lee (research), Yeonjoo Park (graphic design), Gom Design (space design), Nathing Studio (photography), Yeounjoo Park, Small Studio Semi, Euddeum Yang, Sera Young, Texture on Texture, Eunjoo Hong and ninety one Korean women graphic designers (artists), Woo! School (partner project)

Exhibition title: The W Show: A List of Graphic Designers
Venue: SeMA Storage, Seoul, KR
Period: 2017.12.08—2018.01.12

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