Colours from COTB



Colours from Colours on the Beach, 2018

Medium: 3D scan, 3D print, urethane paint, felt pocket
Dimension: Dimensions variable
Edition: Limited edition 10 (AP 5)
Commision: Platform-L
Collaborator: Gom Design, Moonkyung Park (installation)

Exhibition title: Karel Martens: Still Moving
Venue: Platform-L, Seoul, Korea
Period: 2018.10.11—2019.01.20

/ Platform-L

A while ago, personally I visited Le Havre and wandered around Colours on the beach. Unconsciously I collected several stones nearby the cabins on which the colourful paint stain left behind. The stones are on my desk now as a special souvenir from the trip and remind me of the moment of facing his work at the beach. I often define the act of collecting is to recall the memory and connect the fragmented dots in personal time. For Karel Martens’ exhibition Still Moving, I want to make an ephemeral object as well as for an homage of his installation. These reproduced stones, called Colours from colours on the beach, reactivate the experience and share this memory with others. This is one of Souvenir series, connecting the memory and space through found objects since 2017.