Transitory Workplace, 53



Transitory Workplace, 53, 2012

Medium: Variable medium
Dimension: 490x560x385cm
Commision: Culture Seoul Station 283
Collaborator: Sung-won Kim (artistic director), Sang-kyu Kim, Sung-won Kim, Soik Jung, Bora Hong (curators)

Exhibition title: Life A User's Manual
Venue: Culture Seoul Station 283, Seoul, KR
Period: 2012.09.13—2012.11.04

Transitory Workplace, 53 restores the past by using objects Na Kim used at the studio in Amsterdam, reconfiguring the memories. This will be a new work with a function necessary for individual needs. This work presents working activities in a temporary situation at a provisional workplace and encounters of others with diverse purpose.

Moving somewhere is entrusting the body to a time of "uncertainty". It is the same no matter if the place one moves is familiar or how one becomes habituated to unplanned life. While preparing the exhibition, coincidently, I migrated back to Korea ending many years of life in the Netherlands. The "anxiety" I felt before entering the track of a new physical environment quite naturally summons the space of memories. Can I concretize abstract uncertainty with physical space and daily action by setting up a provisional workplace between studios in Amsterdam and Seoul? / Exerted from Na Kim's artist's note