Perforated SET v.16



Perforated SET v.16, 2019

Medium: Digital print and risograph, stamp perforation
Dimension: 218x142mm (each)
Edition: Limited edition 100 each (10 AP)
Commision: The Portland Stamp Company, Portland, US

/ The Portland Stamp Company: Na Kim
/ FISK Gallery: Na Kim v.16
/ SET series

Visiting Portland for my exhibition at FISK gallery was a great experience. The people, city landscape and daily life in Portland were deeply memorable. To make a special mark on this moment, I revisited my installation, SET v.16 at FISK, and unfolded on this stamp. In the color version, you will find the whole original graphic elements shown in SET v.16 which presented in black painting on gallery wall. In the black & white version, I extracted one part of wall painting in inverted, playing with slanted perforation lines. The stamp sheet and the separated stamps interact with each other and present an interesting perception of shapes in space, just like SET.